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Welcome to Adam Omidpanah---new maintainer of 'epitools'! Several years ago I developed the 'epitools' R package for epidemiologic data and graphics. My goal was to have a practical package for practicing epidemiologists at local and state health departments. It was designed to conduct contingency table analyses for outbreak investigations, to construct epidemic curves, to improve graphical color selection, to implement basic methods from Chapter 4 of Rothman's Modern Epidemiology, and more.

Recently, 'epitools' maintenance has been taken over by Adam Omidpanah from the Washington State University. He is a highly qualified biostatistician from Washington State University. He will bring statistical rigor to the ongoing development of 'epitools'. He is also very dedicated, creative, and enthusiastic.

He just added the 'probratio' function which transforms odds ratios from logistic regression models to risk ratios using a second GLM or margina…

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