Leading population health

This document contains my personal notes summarizing the concepts, frameworks, and tools that I rely on and promote for population health work. This is my strategic roadmap for self, team, and organization development. It is dynamic and evolving. I share this document so my staff and colleagues understand my thinking and acting; so they can teach me and support my professional development; and so they can hold me accountable to my values and principles. I hope others find this useful in their own development. I welcome critical feedback and questions.

The challenge of leading population health requires significant amounts of knowledge, skills, and abilities. It can be overwhelming! No one can master everything! Therefore, we must cultivate and practice relentless humility, curiosity, and courage. Humility is the most important! "Humility is the noble choice to forgo your status and use your influence for the good of others before yourself" (John Dickson). The more power or privilege we have, the more we must cultivate humility. Humility generates trust. Humility generates learning and continuous improvement. Humility generates servant leadership.

The Leading Population Health framework has four interdependent components:
  1. Transforming self and interpersonal relationships
  2. Transforming teams and collaboratives
  3. Transforming organizations and communities
  4. Improving performance with results-based lean
My underlying premise is that if we cannot optimally transform ourselves, our teams, and our organizations, then we will not be able to partner successfully to optimally transform communities. An "optimal" transformation is one that results in a team, organization, or community that is healthy, thriving, learning, healing, and resilient. Healthy includes the "Eight Dimensions of Wellness," thriving means high performing, learning means continuous improvement, healing means trauma-informed, and resilient means resistant to and rapid recovery from serious threats.

These high-level summary notes are mostly in outline form. The full updated version is posted here.

Figure 1 has graphical overview of material covered in document.

Figure 1: Leading Population Health Framework


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