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Curriculum vitae

My curriculum vitae is here: [View/Download PDF file]


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  1. Aragón TJ, Garcia BA (2017). Population Health Lean: An Overview.; 2017. Available from 
  2. Aragón TJ. PDSA problem-solving: With a gentle introduction to double-loop learning, program theory, and causal graphs.; 2017. Available from
  3. Aragón TJ. Practical LaTex for the Health Sciences (updated 2016)
  4. Aragón TJ. What is your leadership equation? (2015) 
  5. Aragón TJ, et al. Deriving Criteria Weights for Health Decision Making: A Brief Tutorial. (2012)
  6. Aragón TJ, Mier HM, Payauys T, Siador CS. Project Management for Health Professionals. (2012)
  7. Aragón TJ. Epidemiologic Concepts for the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases. (2011)

Peer-reviewed papers

Scientific, peer-reviewed papers are available from My Bibliography (from NCBI).


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